7 Strategies To Get Your Company Off The Ground With Chris Taylor of Square Root


Most businesses stall just as they are getting started. For the founders, it can be demoralizing. You poured your blood, sweat, and tears into a business you now must shut down. For many founders, that certainly means a hit to …

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Veteran Entrepreneur Reveals 11 Mistakes Founders Must Avoid With Rudy Prince, Cofounder of WingUp & eFax


As a CEO, you are responsible for the overall success of your business. That said, chances are a vast majority of your responsibilities are brand new to you. In order to help you succeed despite your lack of experience, I …

What Makes A Great Company With Gary Hoover of Hoovers/BigWig Games


Great companies stand the test of time. They change the world. They are household names. If you want your company to follow a similar trajectory, this is the interview for you. In this episode, I talk with Gary Hoover. Gary …

What All Entrepreneurs Should Know About Startup Acquisitions With Neelan Choksi of Tasktop


One of the fastest ways to create wealth for yourself and your family is to start a successful business. The problem is, upon building a successful business, most of your wealth is on paper. You can’t actually spend it. To …

How You Can Look Into The Future To Change The World Today With Byron Reese of Knowingly


Coming up with an original business idea is tough. It’s far easier to create a variation of something that already exists – but we all know the easiest path isn’t the most valuable. This week, I sit down with Byron Reese …

How Founders Should Think About Strategy With Ken Cho, Cofounder of People Pattern

Vector strategy concept with creative light bulb idea

One of the fastest ways to go out of business is by spreading yourself too thin. Most people operate this way because they lack a cohesive business strategy. Knowing that strategy is crucial to your success, I sought out a proven …

Your Rapid Fire Founder Questions With Yvonne Tocquigny, CEO Of Tocquigny


Founding a company is difficult and often extremely lonely. Questions pop-up all the time and the only person with the answer is, well, you. To shed some light on the process of those first founding steps, I sat down with Yvonne Tocquigny. Yvonne …

How To Find, Vet, & Hire 10x Developers with Ross Buhrdorf, CTO of HomeAway


Finding developers can often be the difference between success and failure inside of a technology startup. You need great developers to build great products. You need creative developers to solve creative problems. And frankly, you need more of them if …

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