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WordPress has thousands of plugins to choose from. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your website, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it, but which ones are helpful to you?

We have compiled a list of what we see as some of the most incredible WordPress plugins out there. Use them, share them, and let us know what you think!


A plugin for Podcasters using WordPress. It is just as easy as writing a page and at the end of your post adding your mp3 file name or full URL. By adding the mp3 location after your post it will show the player in the post, and will add the enclosure tags to your RSS2 feed. One can also set the iTunes specific settings along with an instant preview of what it will look like in iTunes!


This is a little opt-in box in your side bar that won’t  be easily overlooked visitors, they can easyily hit the “x” and make it disappear. More than 10,000 astonished customers have used Popup Domination to increase their subscribers in 6 days or less. Most visitors need a nudge in the right direction and will opt-in to your list when presented with a professional themed lightbox. In turn your list grows and grows and continues to grow.


Tweet Old Post
This plugin is designed to tweet your older posts to get more traffic. It randomly picks your older post based on the interval specified by you. The primary function of this plugin is to promote older blog posts by tweeting about them and getting more traffic.


WordPress Backup to Dropbox
Keep your valuable WordPress website, its media and database backed up to Dropbox in minutes with this sleek, easy to use plugin. Just choose a day, time and how often you wish yor backup to be performed and kick back and wait for your websites files and a SQL dump of its database to be dropped in your Dropbox! You can set where you want your backup stored within Dropbox and on your server as well as choose what files or directories, if any, you wish to exclude from the backup.


The Slide By SimpleReach
The Slide recommends related posts from within your site on a widget that “slides” in at the bottom of the page. The Slide by SimpleReach is the best way to help readers discover more of your content. You’ve seen a similar content recommendation widget on sites like, and now SimpleReach is allowing anybody to take advantage of this awesome plugin for free.


Sharebar adds a dynamic and fully customizable vertical box to the left of a blog post that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites. For wide blogs, a vertical bar with popular sharing icons appears on the left of your post. If the page is resized below 1000px (default), the vertical bar disappears and a horizontal sharebar appears under the post title.


The Hello Bar for WordPress plugin is a really simple plugin that allows you to copy and paste your Hello Bar code snippet from, straight to your WordPress admin interface. The plugin also allows you to choose whether you’d like your code snippet to be placed in the <head> tag or at the end of the <body> tag of your HTML layout.


The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog. It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about.

WishList Member
WishList Member is a powerful, yet easy to use membership solution that can turn any WordPress blog into a full-blown membership site. Just unzip and upload the plugin, and within minutes you’ll have your own membership site up and running… complete with protected, members-only content, integrated payments, member management, and so much more!

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