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Evernote: Evernote is THE app to have in any entrepreneurs arsenal. A multi-platform app that seamlessly integrates itself, Evernote allows you to easily capture information and makes it accessible and searchable at any time, from any where. Jot notes, record audio, clip entire Web pages. Anything productivity-wise, Evernote has you covered. FREE.


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Toothtag: Utilizing your phone’s Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi capabilities, Toothtag allows you to tag everything around you. You can tag where your car is and then find it later. You can set the app to automatically check you into Foursquare when you’ve been in the location for 10 minutes. Toothtag can even warn you when somebody you’ve tagged enters the same area as you — knowing if you should over to them or run away! Put simply, Toothtag has a lot of versatility and is quite an impressive to be used in a number of ways. FREE. (Android only)

Toothtag Website :  Android Market

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Doggcatcher: Doggcatcher is the perfect podcast manager for Android. It has a great search engine for finding your favorite podcasts and will even recommends others based on what you like. You can also import feeds from Google Reader or an OPML file. New episodes will automatically be downloaded so you can listen offline, old ones will be deleted that you’ve already listened to (so your SD card doesn’t fill up with podcasts), and podcasts can even be sped up so as to get through them quicker. With an active community, this app is well worth the price. $4.99 (Android only)

Doggcatcher Website  :  Android Market

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Smartr Contacts App Logo

Smartr contacts: Smartr is an elegant app the connects your email contacts with all the information it can dig up on them via services like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Search for a contact, and you’ll see the person’s complete profile, including email address and phone number, a tab full of email history (all of the messages you’ve exchanged, plus a graph that shows your communication frequency), and a degrees-of-separation tab that shows all the contacts whom you need to track down. Attractive. Intuitive. Smartr is what you need, now.

Smartr Website :  App Store  :  Android Market

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App Logo

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: As an entrepreneur, time is money. You need to be well rested to perform your best and to be at your peak. S.C.A.C. monitors your sleep movement using an accelerometer that wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. This means you should wake up feeling more relaxed and rested. If you ever find yourself feeling groggy in the morning, this app is a must-have. $0.99 (Apple only)


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Website :  App Store



Square: Square makes it easy for anyone to accept payments anywhere. It allows you to accept credit cards and cash on your mobile device with the free Square Card

Square App Logo

Reader. It’s only 2.75% per swipe for Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. There are no contracts, monthly fees or merchant accounts on this safe and secure app.

Square Website :  App Store  :  Android Market

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ADVICE: Square shines in certain areas and is less beneficial in others. Compare rates with standard merchant account to see if Square is right for you. For more information and examples, please visit ;


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Expensify: As Expensify likes to make known, they do expense reports that don’t suck! Syncing with your credit cards and bank accounts, Expensify tracks purchases as they happen and will even pull in eReceipts for most purchases under $75. For purchases made in cash or are not eligible for eReceipts, simple snap a picture of the receipt! Expensify will do the work for you and pull out the merchant, date, and amount of the transaction all on its own. Add in any mileage (if applicable) and Expensify will create a full report. Definitely a must-have for entrepreneurs that takes the hassle and worry out of bookkeeping. FREE (for individual use).


Expensify Website :  App Store  :  Android Market

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Sugarsync: Sugarsync puts ALL of your data from all of your computers right at fingertips anytime, anywhere. SImple to use, easy to understand, Sugarsync allows you to access everything from your mobile device and is a newer model / version of similar services such as Dropbox, MobileMe, Carbonite, etc.


Sugarsync Website :  App Store  :  Android Market

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WordPress: For those of you who blog on the go or just want accessibility from every which angle, WordPress is the app to have. The app allows you to moderate comments, create / edit posts and pages, and add images / video with ease. This is an accessory app, meaning you need a WordPress blog or a self-hosted site running to operate.


WordPress Website :  App Store  :  Android Market

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