If you have a business idea and want to know what to do next, watch this interview with Scott Rouse of the Entrepreneur Center

Interested in knowing how to evaluate your business idea? Want to know what to do next? If the answer is yes, be sure to watch this interview!

Scott Rouse, Entrepreneur In Residence at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, will share with you the steps to take to evaluate, explore and potentially launch YOUR BUSINESS!

As you’ll see in this interview, having an idea is only half the battle.

You Will Learn

– Scott Rouse’s Background
– About his experience as a Entrepreneur In Residence at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center
– How to evaluate a business idea
– The difference between an idea and a business
– Simple steps to take to increase your likelihood of success
– Resources every entrepreneur should consume
– The benefit of surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs
– How to put yourself in the perfect position to raise money
– How the Entrepreneur Center, or a similar organization can help you make your idea a reality

About Scott

Scott Rouse Idea Bang Nashville, TennesseeRouse applies his expertise in marketing and branding the entertainment industry to the products he develops for his company, IdeaBang. “Developing products and ideas is the same as producing and marketing recording artists, TV shows and movies.
If you can produce an artist and sell a million downloads, then turn around and develop a toy or a medical device and sell a million of those, that’s awesome. Combining an artist or an act with a digital product, for example an app, is a perfect creative situation if you ask me.”

Licensing ideas and products to large companies and corporations is the route to take Rouse explains, “Licensing allows me more time in the studio without having to spend hours dealing with manufacturing and distribution. One of my very favorite quotes is Dave Stewart’s: ‘I’d rather have 10 percent of something that took off than 100 Percent of something that’s still on the table.’ That quote has become my mantra now.”

At the end of the day Rouse sees a striking similarity between music production and product development, “I’m not sure if I like producing records or developing products more. They both require a great deal of creativity, and you can have a hit with an idea or product just like you can a song or a track.”

Connect With Scott

Jumpstart Foundry
Email: S@ScottRouse.com

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