5 Ways To Find Beta Testers With Mike Fine of Centercode

Startup Beta Testing

Looking to launch a beta test inside your organization, but need testers to get started? Today’s guest is Mike Fine. Mike is the Director of Client Services at Centercode, a company that specializes in helping companies create better products through …

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6 Ways You’re Killing Innovation (Without Even Trying) With Dave Owens

Innovation For Startups

Today’s guest is Dave Owens. Dave is a well-respected speaker, consultant and professor of innovation and new product development I am going to talk with Dave about how you can eliminate the constraints that kill innovation inside your organization. About …

The Top 12 Nashville Business Journal Blog Posts of 2011

Nashville Business Journal

Photo Rights: Nashville Business Journal Introduction We work hard to deliver quality content here on The Startup Slingshot, but we know we aren’t the only ones out there. Today we would like to feature the 12 best blog posts of …

Product School For Founders: User & Buyer Personas with John Peltier


In today’s episode of Product School for Founders we have John Peltier, Product Manager at The Network in Atlanta, Georgia. John is going to teach us about buyer and user personas and the impact they can have on our product’s …

How To Write & Market Your Business Book [Resource Page]

How To Write A Book

Ready To Write A Book? Writing a book can land you clients and make you money! If you are ready to take the plunge, you are in the right place. The information you need to write and market your book …

10-in-10 with Kris Lange, Founder of BookFool.com


Today’s guest is Kris Lange. Kris is the founder and CEO of BookFool.com. Today Kris is going to talk about his business as well as what he has learned along his entrepreneurial journey including his sales strategy, his leadership style …

How To Come Up With Your Next Product Idea With Product Entrepreneur Shed Simove (NSFW)


Today’s guest is Shed Simove. Shed is an experienced performer, author and serial entrepreneur. Today I am going to talk with Shed about the highly innovative merchandising empire he has forged that has sold over one million gifts, toys, sweets, …

10-in-10 with Matthew Johnson, Founder of Project: Living Well


Today’s guest is Matthew Johnson. Matthew is a financial professional turned social entrepreneur. Today, in a first for The Startup Slingshot, Matt will launch the next phase of his venture, Project: Living Well, live on the show. Click here to …

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