Should You Find A Co-Founder Or Go At It Alone?

Today’s guest is Noam Wasserman. Noam is a professor at Harvard Business School and the author of the bestselling book, “The Founder’s Dilemmas.” In this episode, I am going to talk with him about the dilemma founders face when deciding whether they should go at it alone, or recruit a co-founder.


About Noam

Noam WassermanNoam Wasserman is a professor at Harvard Business School. For more than a decade, his research has focused on founders’ early decisions that can make or break the startup and its team. At HBS, he developed and teaches an MBA elective, “Founders’ Dilemmas,” for which he was awarded the HBS Faculty Teaching Award and the Academy of Management’s 2010 Innovation in Pedagogy Award. In 2011, the course was also named one of the top entrepreneurship courses in the country by Inc. magazine.

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