Proven Founders Reveal How To Raise Money For Your Startup

How To Raise Money

Proven Founders Reveal How To Raise Money For Your Startup

This detailed course outlines the step-by-step approach proven entrepreneurs use to raise money for their startup.

Let me let you in on a little secret…

There are two keys to successfully raising money for your startup

  1. Build & execute your fundraising strategy before you actually need the money
  2. Learn how to build & execute your fundraising strategy from entrepreneurs in the trenches, not bankers or consultants.

Even before you launch your big idea, you should be building a fundraising strategy that will help you succeed in raising money.

Not sure where to start? You’re in luck. This course was designed to guide you through the step-by-step approach proven entrepreneurs use to raise money.

If you’ve already started your company and are looking to raise money don’t wait another second. This course will get up to speed in no time.
The Course is structured into 2 Case Studies & 4 Core Lectures

  • How To Raise Money Without Any Prior Fundraising Experience (Case Study)
  • “How I Raised Money & You Can Too” (Case Study)
  • How To Leverage AngelList To Raise Money (Lecture)
  • How To Leverage Startup Conferences To Raise Money (Lecture)
  • How To Get Into A Venture Accelerator To Raise Money (Lecture)
  • How To Land A BIG Name Investor Like Mark Cuban (Lecture)

I provided an action checklist for each of the core lectures to guide you in the creation of your fundraising strategy.

I’ve also provided a MP3 recording of each core lecture and case study to enable you to download the material and share it with your co-founder or team.

Bonus Material

There are tons of bonus materials in this course including a resource library filled with specific books, blogs, and articles that are guaranteed to help you raise money for your startup.

I’ve also shared with you specific video lectures from proven entrepreneurs on how to raise money in Nashville (Tennessee), Indianapolis (Indiana), & Atlanta (Georgia). Even if you don’t live in those cities, they lectures will prove extremely helpful.

Lastly, I’ve included individual video lectures featuring proven entrepreneurs on what a startup CEO does, whether or not you should find a co-founder for your venture, and how you can secure advisors to help your startup grow. As if that wasn’t enough I’ve also dropped in 2 video lectures that answer the most frequently asked questions by startup entrepreneurs.


Have questions about the course? Have I missed a topic you would like covered? Message me!

Please don’t forget to leave me a comment or a rating if you found this course to be useful. It will inspire me to continue to add new content. :)


Course Goal and Objectives

  • Over 14 powerful lectures from proven entrepreneurs including over 8 hours of content!
  • The step-by-step fundraising process proven entrepreneurs use to raise money
  • The confidence you need to seek and raise funding for your venture
  • The knowledge regaring the various sources of startup funding including accelerator, seed, angel, and venture funding
  • The understanding around what each type of investor wants to see and how to show it to them


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  • How To Raise Money For Your Startup

    Even If You Don't Live In Silicon Valley

Raising money is one of the toughest tasks you will have to face as an entrepreneur. This course will take you step-by-step through the fundraising process.

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